The Designer


Ghassan Antonios, a designer, modelist and a couturier, is known for his vision, creativity and attention to detail. His dresses are a unique reflection of his ingenuity and innovation from the creation of the design until the final touches.

Born in 1969 in Beirut, Ghassan Antonios studied fashion at College Artistique de La Mode Moderne and worked at prestigious fashion houses in Beirut and Paris. He immersed in the world of Haute Couture and developed a deep understanding of the art. He is an artist who transforms the fabrics into unique pieces of living art, and a modelist that mixes to perfection the complexity of the body, design, fabric and colors.

Upon completion of his studies, Ghassan Antonios taught theoretical and practical fashion courses for three years in Beirut and worked as head of atelier at Lebanese Haute Couture houses and private clients throughout the Arab Gulf.

Ghassan Antonios founded Antonios Couture in 1999. Since then he has designed and presented Bridal and Haute Couture collections at fashion shows in Beirut and Paris.

For Ghassan Antonios, The story of a dress starts like a dream. It is the untouchable idea mixed with the precious fabric and passed through the hands of the artisan. That’s how his dresses become a reality – a reality that is like a dream.

Ghassan Antonios’ diverse background and his wide knowledge of various cultures around the world, allowed his creation and style to reach out to clients from the Arab Gulf, USA, Germany, England and Japan.